Recognizing the Causes and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer in Women

Although a lot of people mistakenly believe that cancer in the bladder only occurs in middle aged men; it actually affects a lot of women. Ladies are at risk for complex tumors that are often diagnosed in the later stages making treatment difficult. This brings down the numbers of survivors a great deal, which is something that can be easily avoided with awareness.

Lately, the number of patients falling prey to Transitional cell carcinoma are on the increase. This prompts a need for understanding the causes and symptoms of bladder cancer that can lead to timely diagnosis and treatment.

– Causes that Bring about Bladder Cancer

Females of all ages are prone to this sickness; however, those who indulge in smoking face a higher risk of developing the disease as opposed to those who do not smoke. Parasitic viruses and prolonged radiation has also been attributed to bladder cancer. Transitional and Squamous cell carcinomas present itself in most patients while few suffer from Adenocarcinoma.

People who frequently complain of bladder irritation have their Squamous cells become cancerous at times. This leads to Squamous cell carcinoma in the same patients. In fact, even after treatment Adenocarcinoma (although rare) has a high chance of recurrence in many women.

– Symptoms in Women

One of the main symptoms of bladder cancer is rust or orange colored urine. Sadly, many women presume the blood is actually a part of their menstrual cycle and do not correlate it with bladder cancer. Other symptoms include recurrent trips to the bathroom, a stinging vaginal sensation or even a feeling of unfinished urination. If you happen to identify with any of these indicators, a visit to the doctor may be due.

– Misdiagnosis by Doctors

Many physicians mistakenly deduce that the rust colored urine is a result of post-menopause in older women. Some even suggest it to stem from cystitis or as a common case of bladder contagion, leading to a misdiagnosis. This leads to unnecessary hindrance in diagnosis of a sickness that can be treated in time with medication and surgery. One way to remedy this is to accept medication and immediately inform the doctor when the symptoms fail to subside.

This will force the doctor to reconsider and investigate further leading to a timely diagnosis. Progressive treatment options like robotics in surgery can then be used to make surgery more effective and offer a less invasive alternative to the patient.

Get your cancer treated completely by the prostate seed implant technique

One of the processes which are used to treat the cancer patients is called as brachytherapy. It is just another term which is used for the endocurie therapy, internal sealed radiotherapy, curie therapy and many such therapies. In this process, a radiation is placed next to or even inside the area to be treated. It is specially used for the cervical, skin, breast as well as prostate cancer. With the advancement of science and technology, such new methods of treatment of various diseases have been found out. And slowly and steadily as people are beginning to see the advantages of the brachytherapy, more and more men who are suffering from prostate cancer are opting for the radioactive prostate seed implant as a treatment. This is because it has good long term results and there are even no long term side effects. After ten years of research it has been found out that the method of seed implant is indeed an effective treatment of the prostate cancer. A statistical survey shows that around 98% of the patients have been cured by the use of this therapy.

This process of prostate seed implant is completely based on the usage of the radioactive seeds of small sizes, even smaller than the size of the grains of rice. These seeds are actually made up of the element titanium mainly but they also contain small amount of the elements iodine or sodium. After they are placed in or near to the desired location they begin to emit large amount of radiation to the cancer cells that are present in the prostate of the patient but only a small amount of the radiation is emitted to the areas outside the prostate and even to the other areas such as the rectum and bladder. After some months when the process is complete, the seeds become inactive and this is why it is a very safe method of treatment. This process works out properly because the researchers have found that the cells of cancer are more sensitive than the normal to the radiations that are emitted by the seeds and hence by the method of treatment they can be killed selectively without harming the cells that are not affected by the disease.

A prostate seed implant is a procedure which is outpatient and can be completed in about an hour. The whole procedure can be completed by the usage of the only a few thin needles and a little dosage of the general anaesthesia. No kind of stitches of cutting is involved in it. A live picture of the prostate of the patient is also obtained with the help of ultrasound. The urologist carefully places the needle in the perineum followed by the seeds and the process is complete.

Buy Legal Oral Steroids

These steroids are used as medical therapies and can be effective for athletes in training. Cancer patients have found positive results from the medical use of a steroid that helps to alter certain hormonal conditions and aids in the development of a patient’s immune system as well. Steroids have been noted as effective body building agents that produce less water retention and a greater muscle mass for an athlete. Careful use of both of these steroid pharmaceuticals is recommended.

Steroids are a type of organic compound that are comprised of a particular chemical structure that is related to a steroid ring system. Steroids can be used to increase muscle and bone synthesis and are called anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids regulate several aspects of human metabolism and human immune functioning. Medical steroids help to maintain blood volume and control the human body’s electrolyte functioning. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a regulatory agency that helps to monitor how steroids are used in medical and other settings. Additional information about how the FDA in the United States is developing strategies for steroid monitoring can be found at

Aridex Pharmaceutical Product

Aridex is a steroid that is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company in Japan. This form of steroid comes in a pack of 30 (1 mg/tab) tablets. This is a type of inhibitor and it can be used to halt the progression of breast cancer in women. Athletes and body builders use this form of steroid because of its ability to decrease estrogen and increase the body’s level of natural testosterone. A lower dosage can help to prevent any significant side effects after using this type of hormone therapy. Water retention is reduced with the use of a steroid that manages estrogen levels in the body. Extended use of this steroid has been questioned and careful monitoring of any side effects should be a part of a daily regimen.

Clenbuterol Pharmaceutical Product

This is a steroid pharmaceutical that is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. It comes in a pack of 60 (40 mcg/tab) tablets and is an oral steroid used by body builders to aid in reducing fat in the body. This steroid can cause a slight increase in body temperature and can cause an elevated heart rate. Slight anxiety symptoms have occurred after using a steroid pharmaceutical for a period of time. Athletes use this form of steroid because it helps as a breathing assistant during long or protracted work outs and training sessions. A body builder who is trying to reduce body fat and produce a more sculpted physique can use this pharmaceutical to build a contestant type body. This form of steroid can be a stimulant and may have some anabolic properties. Recommendations include applications for two weeks followed by a two week rest period from a steroid.

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Natural Treatment For Low Immunity To Improve Energy And Stamina

Each one of us needs stamina and energy to engage in our day-to-day tasks. Irrespective of whether an individual works in a factory or whether she is a homemaker or an office goer, stamina and energy are highly important. Stamina is nothing, but the energy required to get through the day-to-day activities without experiencing any sort of exhaustion and fatigue. It can otherwise be stated as the ability to sustain a prolonged mental effort required to lead a stress-free life.

Immunity and stamina connection:

Experts are of the opinion that poor immunity has a great connection with poor energy levels. So, it becomes important that to improve energy and stamina, it is essential to improve immune functions. Due to the poor immunity, there will be greater chances of illnesses like common cold, allergies, overactive thyroid or underactive thyroid, diabetes and even cancer. These simple and big health issues, in turn, can lead to poor energy levels. So, natural treatment for low immunity will help with improving not just immunity, but also there will be an increase in the energy levels.

Natural treatment:

The herbal remedy called as Imutol capsules will help with improving immune functions in a natural manner due to its healthy and effective herbal ingredients. This herbal remedy has many natural herbs as ingredients along with processed decoction of some herbs to improve immune functions, thereby improving stamina and energy levels in humans.

Ingredients in Imutol capsules:

To improve energy and stamina, the following ingredients are part of natural treatment for low immunity:


1. Kesar is an important ingredient, which is known for its stress bursting properties. Stress is stated to be the important reason behind many illnesses in humans. When stress is relieved, there will be a natural improvement in the overall health.

2. The presence of carotenoids in this herbal ingredient is known to improve immunity in a natural manner.

3. It is capable of handling oxidant-induced stress to improve energy and stamina.


1. This ingredient is mainly known for its ability to improve reproductive health

2. Shatavari can address lack and stamina and energy that prevent men and women from lovemaking performance.

3. It is also a powerful adaptogen and it can improve digestive function as well.

All these properties made shatavari as the part of the natural treatment for low immunity.

Abhrak Bhasma:

1. Abhrak bhasma is known for its ability to fight infections and diseases due to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

2. It is helpful in anti-aging treatment and so it can improve energy and stamina that are reducing due to age.

3. It is effective in addressing low immunity issue, thereby forming part of natural treatment for low immunity.


1. Tulsi is effective in killing bacteria and infections.

2. It will protect against diabetes and many other diseases.

3. It will help with fighting cancer.

As it can address different diseases associated with low immunity by improving immune functions, it will help to improve energy and stamina.

The natural treatment for low immunity has many other healthy and effective ingredients that will play an important role in Imutol capsules.

Symptoms for Thyroid

Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped little endocrinal gland situated in the forepart of the neck. Healthy thyroid gland makes several important hormones regulating human’s body metabolism that is the rate of cells functioning. The main thyroid hormones are known to be thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

Unfortunately several millions of people all over the world have thyroid disorders and dysfunctions. Most of those suffering thyroid diseases are women. A thyroid disease usually causes inappropriate usage of energy e.g. more slow or vice versa more quick than it should be.

The most spreading disorders of the thyroid gland include an overactive thyroid and an underactive thyroid usually referred by health professional as hyper- and hypothyroidism respectively.

Hyperthyroidism is the overproduction of the main thyroid hormones. In this case thyroid becomes too active and secretes unusual excessive quantity of the hormones, much more hormones than the body really needs. Too much hormones can make you feel of nervous, lose weight, increase your sensitivity to heat, speed up your heart rate and cause other symptoms such as an increased thyroid, unusual heart palpitations, bulging eyes, sweating, muscles weakness and diarrhea.

To diminish some symptoms of hyperthyroidism (increased heart rate, tremors, palpitations, anxiety etc.) and to reduce the production of the hormones the anti-thyroid medications are commonly used. As an alternative, the thyroid gland can be entirely or partially removed surgically. Also some patients prefer to get radioactive iodine treatment destroying thyroid gland entirely or partially.

Hypothyroidism is the underproduction of the principal thyroid hormones. If the thyroid gland makes little quantity of the hormones, the body’s metabolism become slow, causing such typical symptoms as listlessness, fatigue and tiredness, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, baldness, bradycardia.

Hypothyroidism is usually treated by health professionals with hormone substitution therapy (e.g. levothyroxine) which is normally needed for the whole patient’s life.

Both mentioned thyroid disorders can result in the formation of a goiter, i.e. an enlarged thyroid condition. Generally a goiter is a swelling in the thyroid gland. Eventually it can cause a swelling of the voice box or neck. Goiter usually occurs if the thyroid gland functions improperly and the reason of more than 80% cases of goiter is iodine deficiency in diet.

There are many possible causes for both thyroid conditions. Conventional treatment usually consists of several procedures trying to readjust body’s metabolism to its normal healthy rate.

There are several other thyroid diseases and conditions known as Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s disease, postpartum thyroiditis, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

The Benefits Of Natural Therapies In The Treatment Of Recurrent Thrush

Many people often suffer from recurrent thrush and treatment using natural cures could be of benefit to them. Recurrent thrush can have a distressing affect on the person’s life in terms of discomfort, emotional stress and relationship embarrassment.

Treatment of thrush with pharmaceutical antifungal creams and medications gives immediate relief but within a short amount of time the symptoms return again and again. It is understandable therefore why alot of sufferers resort to natural methods in the treatment of recurrent thrush.

If you have recurrent thrush it is recommended to seek medical advice initially to ascertain that the diagnosis of thrush is accurate and that there are no other underlying medical reason which could be the root cause of your regular yeast infections. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, AIDS, antibiotic or streroid treatments all are known to make a person susceptible to recurrent yeast infections.

Candida albicans is the most common cause of recurrent thrush. Candida lives normally on the body and is an opportunistic pathogen causing infection only when the body’s natural balance is affected. This relates especially to the normal flora of the body which keeps the yeast from overgrowing and establishing itself. It is advisable to understand the conditions which cause your yeast infection to reappear and to be aware of your typical symptoms when you get recurrent thrush.

Some important things you need to consider when you have recurrent thrush symptoms are listed below:

1) The symptoms may not be due to a yeast infection at all. Other things can cause vaginal discharge and skin rashes. Thrush can also occur at the same time as another infection so you may need tests such as vaginal or skin swabs to clarify the cause of your symptoms.

2) The majority of thrush infections are caused by Candida albicans. However, a small proportion of thrush infections are caused by alternative Candida species such as Candida glabrata which may not respond to the usual anti-thrush preparations.

3) You may not have used the prescribed treatment correctly or for long enough

4) You may have been reinfected with a new strain of yeast.

5) You may have undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes or some other disease such as cancer or AIDS which has lowered your immune response

6) You may have hormonal changes such as with pregnancy, oral contraception, menstruation or menopause.

7) You may be responding to a course of antibiotics which alter the balance of your body’s normal flora

8) You may be allergic to your washing powder or a douche you are using

9) Your diet may be too high in sugars and/or refined products

10) You may have allergies to some foods

11) A course of steroids may have an affect on the body’s natural immune response

12) Stress and anxiety may contribute to the recurrent symptoms

If you have had thrush in the past and the same symptoms reoccur, and none of the above conditions relate to you, then it is common practice to treat yeast infections without an examination or tests. Thrush is common and many people recognise when they get recurrent symptoms. People with recurrent yeast infections tend to move away from traditional medicines and use more natural therapies and make life changes such as changing diet, reducing stress and increasing exercise.

There are many different natural therapies available for treating thrush. The main aim of natural therapy is to ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs to function optimally, thereby boosting your immune system while at the same time removing the products which may contribute to the reactivation of your yeast infection. Natural therapy focuses on making changes to diet and life style and also taking supplements in order to do this.

Probiotics is one example of a supplement which helps maintain a normal balance. Probiotics re-establish the natural bacteria in your body keeping the yeast under control. The benefit of using these natural therapies is that they are:

1) Readily available , cheap and safe to use.

2) Candida do not tend to mutate and become resistant to the natural therapies. The natural therapies can be readily rotated so that resistance does not build up

3) Changes in diet and life style not only help to eliminate recurrent thrush but have the added benefit of making you feel better overall

4) They work to control yeast infections permanently

To find out more about the causes and symptoms of recurrent yeast infections and the benefits of natural therapies it is important to do some research as there are many different remedies available. But it is important to know that many people have found permanent relief from the symptoms of recurrent thrush when they resorted to natural therapies which included both dietary and life-style changes. I am sure if you give it a go it will work for you as well.

Watching Out For Breast Cancer Symptoms

As we all know, breast cancer treatments will help if it is caught in time. There are all kinds of pamphlets, videos, and computer information about how to do a breast exam and all humans, inclusive of males, need to check their breast tissue often as a means of watching out for breast cancer symptoms.

Of course the problem exists that not all breast cancer is going to jump up and down and proclaim “Here I am!” thus it is often hidden. You see, not all breast cancer has symptoms of cancer, and even if you have a very tiny lump that is cancer, it may be very difficult for the average person to locate it in their breast, no matter how diligent they may be. At times a doctor has been able to identify breast cancer before a patient is aware of it, but even that is rare. Also the type has to be identified before breast cancer treatments can begin.

Thus, most breast cancer is found by going through that “torture” most women refer to as having a mammogram. It is important to point out that it is actually an x-ray of the breast, so that when this x-ray is taken, great care is taken to be able to include the entire breast area, and that’s why so many call it torture. Having one’s breast tissue squeezed between two pieces of hard plastic is not anyone’s idea of fun, but it is the results that are so important if there’s cancer there that needs cancer treatments.

Because it is an x-ray, it can actually look deeply into the breast. To those who read x-rays, problems such as cancer can be crystal clear, and at other times the person interpreting the x-ray may make an error, and actually miss a tiny dot on the x-ray that denotes problems.

Sometimes the patient has seen something that just might indicate cancer. Not everyone is going to have the same cancer symptoms, so do not take the symptoms to be purely black and white. For example a lump that is hard or soft, has uneven edges or is perfectly round, painless or tender: all of those indications should pique your interest enough to have a doctor look over it. As you can see, the list of symptoms is seriously variable, and that’s partly because breast cancer is so sneaky.

Granted you should seek medical help if you note swelling on your breast, whether it’s only partial or all of it and also seek help if you note unexplained skin irritation or even a dimpling of your breast tissue. Having any pain in your breast or even pain that is coming from the nipple area is an indicator that you should have it looked at. Some patients noticed that their nipple turned inward or some have some sort of nipple discharge when they are not lactating. Fortunately many seek medical help if they find a lump in their armpit area.

Now none of those symptoms are a reason to think that you definitely have breast cancer, and often instead it turns out to be a minor infection or sometimes a cyst. A cyst is literally a pocket that may or may not have liquid in it, but if it contains pus then it’s actually an abscess. Occasionally a cyst is caused by some form of cancer tumor, thus even if you just think you have a cyst, have it looked at so that the treatment of cancer can begin immediately.

There are a number of ways that a doctor ascertains a diagnosis of breast cancer prior to cancer treatment. For instance there is ultrasound, which is actually a reflection of sound, so it can “look into” enclosed areas such as breast tissue. Then there is an MRI, short for magnetic resonance imaging, which has to do with how your body reflects radio waves. It gives doctors a different view of the same areas that were looked at with the x-ray or the ultrasound. Or your doctor may order a CAT scan. In that case, it generates a 3-D image of your breast.

Once a doctor knows what’s inside the breast tissue, they can make a decision as to what breast cancer treatment will be best. If you wish to know more about breast cancer treatment, you can go to where you can also find information about the best in cancer treatments.

Penis Cancer – Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment

Penis cancer is thankfully a rare occurrence in industrialized countries. According to the American Cancer Society, about 1,640 new cases are predicted to appear in the U.S. in 2014. However, while this represents only a minute portion of the population, the men who are affected – as well as their families – can be devastated by this potentially deadly disease. Therefore, all men should understand the risk factors, along with being on the lookout for the symptoms, as a proactive way of taking charge of their penis health. Some important questions about penis cancer are answered here.

What does penis cancer look like? Penis cancer occurs when malignant cells develop in the penile tissue. Cancer of the penis may be characterized by redness, irritation, swelling, sores and lumps or spots on the penis, among other symptoms.

It is important to keep in mind that many of these symptoms can indicate numerous other, mostly benign conditions. Men who experience any of these should never jump to the conclusion that they have cancer; remember that it is a rare disease, and chances are that the explanation is much simpler.

However, it is also important to see a doctor as soon as possible when any of these symptoms appear. While they may not be cancer, they may still need treatment, and it is best to identify the source of the problem as quickly as possible.

How is it diagnosed? A cancer diagnosis usually involves taking a biopsy of the affected tissue. A small sample of tissue is taken, often under a local anesthetic, and it is viewed under a microscope for signs of changes at the cellular level that might indicate a malignancy.

Who is at risk? The overall chances for developing penile cancer are quite small. However, there are certain issues that can put men at greater risk. These include:

* A family history of cancer, especially penile cancer;
* Smoking;
* Being uncircumcised;
* Being infected by HPV;
* Having poor personal hygiene;
* Having past problems with phimosis.

What are the treatment options? The most common type of treatment for cancer is surgery, in which the abnormal tissue is removed. Circumcision, removal of wide patches of skin or even amputation may be considered, depending on the extent and stage of the tumor(s).

Men may also undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy to destroy or slow the growth of the malignancy. Another type of treatment is biologic therapy, in which a man’s own immune system is stimulated to combat cancer cells. Various clinical trials are underway at any given time, and a man may decide along with his doctor to try one of these under certain circumstances.

What is the prognosis for penis cancer patients? The outcome of cancer treatment depends on numerous factors, including the stage and location of the cancer and a man’s age and overall health.

Preventive measures
As with any other type of cancer, there are no guarantees when it comes to prevention. Fortunately, the disease is rare, and most men will never have to deal with it. However, some simple precautions can reduce the risks, especially in men who have a family history of the disease. The good news is that these steps are part of an overall healthy lifestyle – so everyone can benefit from them.

A healthy diet is a big part of cancer prevention. Eating whole foods and avoiding processed and packaged items is a good start, and maintaining a healthy balance between carbohydrates, “good” fats and lean protein is important as well. Men should also drink plenty of water to keep the cells of the body in good working order, as well as helping to flush harmful waste products from the system.

Circumcision may be an option, especially for men who are at an increased risk. Since at least half of all cancer cases are related to the HPV virus, vaccination is strongly recommended by health care professionals.

Frequent self-checks for changes in the skin and underlying tissue are also important Рearly detection is essential to successful treatment. Men may also choose to support their overall penile health with the addition of a penis health cr̬me (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to their hygiene regimen. Applying a cream containing antioxidants and other important nutrients can support healthy function of the cells and may help to prevent damage to the penile tissue.

Skin Cancer: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

According to the reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2007, there were almost 60000 new cases of skin cancer registered in the United States of America. These cases however do not reflect total the numbers for cancers patients affected every year. The growth rate is as high as 7% and this surely is a deadly disease. In the year 2007, almost 8500 people died of skin cancer. 70% of them were males.

One of the most common types of cancer, it is caused due to uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells within the skin. It can be further divided into epidermis and endodermis cancers. Commonly affected sells include melanomas, basal cell and squamous cell groups that lose the control over their regeneration over a prolonged period of time.

Since, skin is one of the largest organs in the human body, the pain and irritation is enormous. It also poses risk to underlying organs as cancer can be transmitted to other parts of the body.

Causes of Skin Cancer
The exact cause of skin cancer is hard to determine. It is just uncontrolled growth in skin cells in the epidermal layer. The skin turns red due to formation of lumps and blood clots.

The growth is generally triggered by any of the reasons stated under:

Exposure to radiation: Skin is easily and mostly exposed to radiation. The radio waves pass through layers of skin. This disturbs their cell structures which lead to uncontrolled growth. Since it happens underneath the epidermis layers, one may not even know about the origin of a cancer.

Genetic mutation: Sometimes genes are mutated since birth. The mutation may not show its impact for a long time till it stays dormant. Once it gets activated, it leads to abnormal growth of skin cells, especially the melanomas, which later turn cancerous.

Use of certain medication: Certain cosmetic medicines and creams damage the skin cells. If used for a prolonged time period, they may force the body to regenerate the epidermis at a faster rate. This uncontrolled growth forms cancerous tumors.

People also claim that certain types of rays in the sun can also trigger origin of a cancer but researchers have failed to establish any kind of concrete relationship between them. Other causes can include contact with toxic substances and ageing.

Symptoms of Skin Cancer:
Unlike other type of cancers, skin cancers can be easily identified. Doctors advise the patients to look for any kind of irregularities in their skin. In case, any irregularities do not heal in a 2 weeks, it is advised that one should consult a doctor. Skin cancers can be recognised by their uneven symmetry in a small diameter. Cancerous cells form uneven and irregular borders that discolour over a period of time. They can turn darker with the growth of cells. Marking the affected areas also helps in determining the pace at which skin cancer is spreading to unaffected cells.

Treatment of Skin Cancer:
Treatment of a cancer can only be determined once the type of cancer is known. Each melanomas, basal cells and squamous cell need to be treated in a unique way.

Basal cells can be treated by scrapping off the affected cells using a medical instrument called curette. Other methods include killing of cancerous cells by the use of liquid nitrogen, chemotherapy and medicines. Other types of non epidermal cell cancers may be treated by use of medicines and creams. Surgically removing tumors can also provide relief to patients.

While the ways of treatment may be different all of them, revolve around stopping the growth of cancerous cells.

Women, Don't Ignore Menorrhagia

From the uterus, the most common type of abnormal bleeding is menorrhagia, heavy or prolonged menstrual periods. It can be treated a heavy period if enough blood to soak a pad or tampon every hour for several consecutive hours. Women can’t ignore the disease since it can do harm which is very great to women.

Causes of menorrhagia are liver, kidney, thyroid disease, bleeding, disorders of platelet, like medical conditions which can prevent blood clotting which is normal. Utertine, ovarian, cervical or cervical cancer are possible to cause the disease too but rare. PID can lead to it too, especially for women who had children and are middle-aged, adenomyosis occurs very possible. The disease can be caused by using blood thinners or putting IUD in order to do birth control.

Here are many remedies which can be taken at home for patients if their symptoms are not serious. Chicken boiled with astragalus and angelica sinensis, strong tea and brown sugar soup, yellow wine boiled with radix rehmanniae, mutton cooked with Angelica sinensis, chicken and folium artemisiae argyi soup and etc. But immediate treatments which are medical need to be found by them for not delaying the treatment if symptoms are serious.

Taking tranexamic acid for 1g, 2-3 times in a day. When your period starts, you take the first medicine. The medicine can reduce the 54% amount of period. This is a western medical treatment. But patients may feel nausea, dizzy, headache which is slight and etc. This way can be only used to women who don’t want hormone therapy or don’t want to pregnant. Surgery is another method, even effective in a short time, but if patents want to have babies in the future, their dreams may not come true, also they will get wound and pain from a surgery. So for women who still want to have babies, Fuyan Pill as a type of TCM can be the best choice for no side effect or drug resistance. It is totally safe and green like food we eat, often patients can recover within several months.

Preventions of getting menorrhagia. Enough rest must be had, that is very important, don’t be too tired of working. According to the temperature, wear less or more clothes. Food which are spicy, oily, cold or fat can’t be eaten, also the amount of food you take in should be controlled and no smoking or drinking. Try to be happy, since your body can be influenced by your mood too.