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When sales people skip steps, they miss sales and wonder what to do next.
Stop wondering!

Unintentionally advertising sales reps create the obstacles that delay or
prevent sales. Concerned with making a sale, sales people focus on themselves, rush the
process, and unsurprisingly have difficulty creating desire. Frequently this means
accepting one insertion or too small of programs, at a discount, for fear of not
making a sale at all. They sacrifice the Advertiser’s benefits (results) for their
success (a sale). Unfortunately the result is an unhappy Advertiser. And instead of
the Sales Rep working on new sales, they spend their time replacing sales and trying to
hold onto the “sales” they made.

Approaching Prospects and renewals fearful of not making a sale leads to giving away
the farm and creating barriers.

“It’s true that when you skip steps, the sale is slow to come.
The previous rep had a history of single page sales at rates way below rate card.
Thanks to Stress-Free Selling®, I am selling contract business on rate card.
I already sold 9-1/2 pages.”

R. Goodwin
15-year magazine advertising sales veteran

When you skip steps, you miss sales and wonder why.
Stop wondering.

Intuitively, sales people talk about their great products to convince Advertisers
to choose them. Unfortunately, sales are stressful when approached in this, usual
manner. Frequently they are stalled indefinitely, and sales people wonder what they
need to do. Stress-Free Advertising Sales™ shows you how to approach the sale to
create desire for your products, before you talk price.

Overcome your challenges… finally!

  • Avoid being blindsided with fake objections
  • Create desire before talking rate
  • Turn Prospects into customers, naturally
  • Get follow up calls returned!
  • Make sales and renewals stress-free

Topics Covered

Get Ready

  • Creating the foundation that eliminates difficulties

Get In

  • Eliminating “I’m not interested” as an opening response
  • Getting past gatekeepers and getting messages returned

Make it About Them!

  • Creating trust and desire without even selling!
  • A simple, trademarked method to presenting so Advertisers see how
    you help achieve their goals
  • Uncovering concerns before they become obstacles

Turn Objections into Sales

  • Prepare yourself instead of unreasonably wishing and hoping objections don’t arise

Move Prospects Into Customers

  • Making the close the natural, stress-free conclusion

Non-Traditional Stress Free Selling®

  • Non-traditional tactics lower attrition, increase sales and bring
    customers to you

Make the Future Easier

  • Nurturing yourself and making yourself stronger


Novice sales people learn sound fundamentals. Seasoned ad reps hone their tactics which facilitates the sales process. Customers stay with you longer and place larger orders. Sales will happen faster. You’ll stop chasing Prospects. Prospects look forward to follow up visits.

Follow the recommendations in this session and attendees could double their closing ratios.

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