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It’s funny how sometimes when things aren’t going good at the online poker table we can sometimes see our road turning toward a bad angle. You take a beat that doesn’t feel good and you realize you are playing a little more aggressively than you normally would, putting money in on draws where if you’d just been seated and were normal, you’d probably get out of the way. You take more risks, and see yourself doing it. Literally, you see yourself veering off from your best poker online game. And yet, often, no matter how clear the veering is, it can be really hard to acknowledge that what’s going on isn’t in your best interest. No one likes to leave a poker game while we’re down. Though, to survive in the long run, avoiding those bad spots and coming back clear can end up as important as catching winning hands. Avoiding a blow up, then, is sometimes a question of getting up from the online poker table. If you can’t calm down, reset, then you are doing yourself a disservice trying to gamble and catch up when if you took what you had left and came back in a normal mood, you’d have better odds. Money is still money, and a partial buy in is money you don’t have make up for when you return. Don’t blow up.

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