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Powering and Securing Your iPods, eReaders and GPS Devices
Increase your mobile device sales and prevent theft

Smaller electronic products are often the most tempting ones for thieves to steal. So how do you protect your iPods, eReaders and GPS’s while also letting customers pick up and explore your demo models? No matter how small the product is, we have you covered!

  • iPods, iPads and MP3 players
  • eReaders
  • GPS navigation
  • Other mobile devices

With a power alarm solution from Vanguard, you can prevent theft and let customers make easier buying decisions that lead to increased sales. That’s because shoppers can test your smaller electronic products as if they weren’t attached to an alarm system at all!

Let your customers discover the answers

Most security systems don’t allow customers to fully test different models of iPods, eReaders and GPS systems. But before making a buying decision, shoppers of smaller electronic devices want answers to questions like:

  • How easy is this device to carry around?
  • Are the functions and controls easy to use?
  • Does it look distinctive enough for my taste?
  • Is it rugged enough for me?
  • Will its screen strain my eyes?

With a power alarm system from Vanguard Products Group, your electronics shoppers can easily answer all these questions. Letting customers make informed decisions as they shop for electronics will result in more sales for your stores.

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