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God Force

At this juncture of our history there are many of us who are challenged by the
concept of their being an omnipotent God. The teachings we have encountered
have give God qualities that belong to man; vengeful, judgmental, wrathful,
causing us to loose trust and faith in there being a force that is greater
than we are. Within each of us we know that there is a finer way to live than
is shown us on our planet of trauma. We would never choose to have guidance
from one who would only show us more of what we already have. This leaves us
feeling alone and limited.

Look at another way of speaking of the energetic
force that created us and everything else that is of Earth and our Universe.
A force that is capable of loving us regardless of our frailties, misdeeds,
doubts, neglects of self and others. We are learning with every adventure,
every turn, every choice. It is in the learning that we grow and evolve of
our self. We are not intended to judge our self or others, but to discern,
which is to observe and learning.

God Force is that which is with us always,
it is the pure energetics of love and kindness that renders us capable of
loving and being loved as we embrace our connectedness with our source. When
we embrace
our loving self we embrace our creative force within. We embrace our God
Force within our self and we become more greatly aligned with God/Prime Source
all that we are.

Each of us is searching for something; love, wisdom,
peace, enlightenment, which are gift that are granted to us when we let go
of our
search and be present in our greater awareness of our connection with all
that is. Then we will receive our greater understanding of who we are and why
are present on earth. We are of the Divine Force and ever so special.

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