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Tramadol is pain relieving drug which is usually used to treat moderate or severe pain in an individual. Tramadol is much like a narcotic and because of this, individuals who have had addictions to drugs and/or alcohol should not take this particular pain relieving drug. People who have had suicidal thoughts also should not take Tramadol. Tramadol should not be taken while intoxicated. Every medicine in existence has the possibility of causing some sort of side effects on the person taking the drug. However, most people will not be effected by any of these side effects.

The side effects of Tramadol include constipation, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Those who take Tramadol may notice an increased amount of sweating on the body. There are also some more severe side effects. If any of these effects occur, the individual taking Tramadol should seek medical assistance immediately. These sever side effects include rashes of all kinds, troubles breathing, swelling in the mouth, fainting or having the feeling that you may faint, hallucinating, changes of mood (including depression and suicidal thoughts), severe vomiting, high fever, or vision changes. If the patient is sweating much more than average, this patient should seek medical assistance immediately to be on the safe side. If the patient feels suicide, they should speak with their medical professional immediately.

There have been some reports of seizures in patients who have taken the recommended dosage of Tramadol. Seizures are actually more likely to occur in a patient if they take a higher dosage of the drug than is recommended by the medical professional. Seizures have occurred in more than 200 different cases. Only two elderly patients on Tramadol had reports of long term delirium. Deliriousness is an extremely rare side effect of Tramadol. About twenty-five percent of people taking Tramadol have reported dizziness and headaches. Only a small five percent of people have had side effects such as sleep disorders and insomnia. Rashes have been reported in only about eleven percent of patients being treated with this drug. Withdrawal symptoms have been reported but are very rare in patients taking Tramadol.

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