Choices That You Can Conduct Whenever You Have Actos Bladder Cancer

There are lots of patients who have diabetes 2 and are using Actos as treatment for a prolonged period and had been diagnosed with Actos bladder cancer might have legal recourse. Patients that have been taking the drug for more than a year may encounter an increased risk of developing bladder cancer most particular those which have been taking the drug in greater dosages and those that have taken it for longer periods. Manufacturers of the drug failed to warn patients properly on the possible risks of bladder cancer. Because of this, users of the drug might file a claim to look for compensation for medical bills as well as other damages.

Because of the associated dangers of bladder cancer and Actos, the FDA advocated that the medicine must not be prescribed to patients with Actos bladder cancer and must be used with caution in patients that have history of the illness. Furthermore, FDA advised patients also to be alert of the signs that can be possible indication Actos bladder cancer such as back or lower abdominal pain, blood in urine and discomfort during urination.

Because of the possible link of Actos to bladder cancer, the agency announced also that the risk will be reflected in the label of the drug as well as medication guide of the patient.

Users of Actos who have been figured out with bladder cancer can take legal action if the manufacturer is not able to warn patients and doctors regarding the possible dangers of Actos bladder cancer. You could contact your lawyer in order for you to find out if you can file an Actos lawsuit and get compensated for whatever damage it has caused you. Make sure you choose a lawyer who has enough experience in terms of this kind of lawsuit since they can help you the most.

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