Experienced Asian Flush Reaction?

Have you ever experienced allergic reaction after consuming alcohol? Allergic reactions such as red face, itchy, puffy skin, drowsiness, nausea, running nose, Headache, congestion, shortness of breath, swelling, rapidness of heartbeat, etc. These are the symptoms of Asian flush reaction. These reactions are so annoying and can even proved to be life threatening.

Reason for Asian Flush reaction

Most of the Asian population, due to some genetic nature or hereditary, faces this problem. These symptoms are a regular affair among them and hence this allergy is termed as Asian Flush Reaction or simply Asian Flush. Nearly 50% of the Asian are deficient of an enzyme called Aldehyde Dehydrogenase. This enzyme place a crucial role in breaking down the byproduct, generated after the metabolism of alcohol. That byproduct is called as acetaldehyde which is actually a toxic substance; hence need to be metabolized again. But, in the absence of this in active enzyme, such toxic substance cannot be break down, which ultimately results into such allergic reactions on face and neck in most of the cases.

Later on, researchers have also proved that alcoholic’s who are already suffering from Asian flush reaction, if don’t lessen alcoholic consumption, may fall prey to throat or stomach cancer.

Prevention and cure for Asian Flush Reaction

For a person who doesn’t want to quit alcoholic consumption, some scientific suggestions have been made. As per those scientific suggestions, those alcoholics who are ALDH2 or Aldehyde Dehydrogenase enzyme deficient, can use antacids like Pecid AC, or Zantac, prior to alcoholic beverages consumption. This is an effective solution for some folks, while for others such antacid who take them alone, these antacids may prove to be dangerous by magnifying their reaction to alcohol.

Another prevention method could be with the help of antihistamines. This treatment is done foe less allergic reactions like sore eyes, running nose, rashes, sneezing, etc. While more serious reactions which results into anaphylactic shock or anaphylaxis, can be treated with the help of a pen which contains adrenaline or epinephrine. It is injected in the body, which helps in contraction of blood vessels, increasing the blood pressure from unexpectedly low blood pressure, accelerating the blood flow through vital organs such as heart and brain. It aids in relaxing the airways and helps human body to breathe easily as well as heart beat strongly and faster.


Asian Flush reaction is very common and it can be very dangerous, if avoided. Special care must be taken if you are suffering with such allergic reactions; else you may be caused by esophageal cancer or stomach cancer. Either quit drinking or if that seems to be very difficult to you at least reduce alcoholic consumption. Take antacids prior to alcoholic consumption, if these suit you. Or refer some other preventive method. Take steps to cure your Asian Flush reaction. Prevention and cure method may vary from person to person as various factors such as body weight, sex and type of alcohol consumed varies. So if none of such methods prove to be successful for you, you must immediately consult an expert. As, they will suggest you best medication according to your physical requirements.

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