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India has become a medical destination now for all the patients across the globe who comes with a hope to avail quality treatment at bearable cost and truly good hospitals of India are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of treatments for various kinds of orthopedic disorders. Orthopedic surgery in India is provided at hospitals having a qualified,trained and experienced team of doctors of international reputation and research analysts working together to develop advanced treatment approaches and using them for highly effective patient cure and relief. Brain Surgery In India has proved to be a boon for the patients who needs excellent medical facilities under the guidance of some of the best and top ranked orthopedic surgeons and doctors of India. India is now been considered as the best option available undoubtedly.

Brain Surgery :
Brain surgery usually inculcates a procedure namely craniotomy. A craniotomy is a surgery to open the skull. Brain surgery is done for innumerable causes, including alterations in brain tissue, brain blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid.
Why the Procedure is Performed:
Brain surgery may be done if you have:
* Brain tumor
* Bleeding (hemorrhage) in the brain
* Blood clots in the brain
* Weaknesses in blood vessels
* Abnormal blood vessels in the brain
* Damage to tissues covering the brain
* Infections in the brain
* Severe nerve or face pain Skull fracture
* Pressure in the brain after an injury or stroke
* Epilepsy
* Certain brain diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease) that may be helped with an implanted electronic device

Things to remember:
* Conditions that needs brain surgery include brain cancer, stroke and hydrocephalus.
* If left untreated, any condition needing brain surgery can cause further damage to the brain.
* A craniotomy is a surgery to open the skull in order to access the brain for surgical treatment.
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