Women, Don't Ignore Menorrhagia

From the uterus, the most common type of abnormal bleeding is menorrhagia, heavy or prolonged menstrual periods. It can be treated a heavy period if enough blood to soak a pad or tampon every hour for several consecutive hours. Women can’t ignore the disease since it can do harm which is very great to women.

Causes of menorrhagia are liver, kidney, thyroid disease, bleeding, disorders of platelet, like medical conditions which can prevent blood clotting which is normal. Utertine, ovarian, cervical or cervical cancer are possible to cause the disease too but rare. PID can lead to it too, especially for women who had children and are middle-aged, adenomyosis occurs very possible. The disease can be caused by using blood thinners or putting IUD in order to do birth control.

Here are many remedies which can be taken at home for patients if their symptoms are not serious. Chicken boiled with astragalus and angelica sinensis, strong tea and brown sugar soup, yellow wine boiled with radix rehmanniae, mutton cooked with Angelica sinensis, chicken and folium artemisiae argyi soup and etc. But immediate treatments which are medical need to be found by them for not delaying the treatment if symptoms are serious.

Taking tranexamic acid for 1g, 2-3 times in a day. When your period starts, you take the first medicine. The medicine can reduce the 54% amount of period. This is a western medical treatment. But patients may feel nausea, dizzy, headache which is slight and etc. This way can be only used to women who don’t want hormone therapy or don’t want to pregnant. Surgery is another method, even effective in a short time, but if patents want to have babies in the future, their dreams may not come true, also they will get wound and pain from a surgery. So for women who still want to have babies, Fuyan Pill as a type of TCM can be the best choice for no side effect or drug resistance. It is totally safe and green like food we eat, often patients can recover within several months.

Preventions of getting menorrhagia. Enough rest must be had, that is very important, don’t be too tired of working. According to the temperature, wear less or more clothes. Food which are spicy, oily, cold or fat can’t be eaten, also the amount of food you take in should be controlled and no smoking or drinking. Try to be happy, since your body can be influenced by your mood too.

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