The Benefits Of Natural Therapies In The Treatment Of Recurrent Thrush

Many people often suffer from recurrent thrush and treatment using natural cures could be of benefit to them. Recurrent thrush can have a distressing affect on the person’s life in terms of discomfort, emotional stress and relationship embarrassment.

Treatment of thrush with pharmaceutical antifungal creams and medications gives immediate relief but within a short amount of time the symptoms return again and again. It is understandable therefore why alot of sufferers resort to natural methods in the treatment of recurrent thrush.

If you have recurrent thrush it is recommended to seek medical advice initially to ascertain that the diagnosis of thrush is accurate and that there are no other underlying medical reason which could be the root cause of your regular yeast infections. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, AIDS, antibiotic or streroid treatments all are known to make a person susceptible to recurrent yeast infections.

Candida albicans is the most common cause of recurrent thrush. Candida lives normally on the body and is an opportunistic pathogen causing infection only when the body’s natural balance is affected. This relates especially to the normal flora of the body which keeps the yeast from overgrowing and establishing itself. It is advisable to understand the conditions which cause your yeast infection to reappear and to be aware of your typical symptoms when you get recurrent thrush.

Some important things you need to consider when you have recurrent thrush symptoms are listed below:

1) The symptoms may not be due to a yeast infection at all. Other things can cause vaginal discharge and skin rashes. Thrush can also occur at the same time as another infection so you may need tests such as vaginal or skin swabs to clarify the cause of your symptoms.

2) The majority of thrush infections are caused by Candida albicans. However, a small proportion of thrush infections are caused by alternative Candida species such as Candida glabrata which may not respond to the usual anti-thrush preparations.

3) You may not have used the prescribed treatment correctly or for long enough

4) You may have been reinfected with a new strain of yeast.

5) You may have undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes or some other disease such as cancer or AIDS which has lowered your immune response

6) You may have hormonal changes such as with pregnancy, oral contraception, menstruation or menopause.

7) You may be responding to a course of antibiotics which alter the balance of your body’s normal flora

8) You may be allergic to your washing powder or a douche you are using

9) Your diet may be too high in sugars and/or refined products

10) You may have allergies to some foods

11) A course of steroids may have an affect on the body’s natural immune response

12) Stress and anxiety may contribute to the recurrent symptoms

If you have had thrush in the past and the same symptoms reoccur, and none of the above conditions relate to you, then it is common practice to treat yeast infections without an examination or tests. Thrush is common and many people recognise when they get recurrent symptoms. People with recurrent yeast infections tend to move away from traditional medicines and use more natural therapies and make life changes such as changing diet, reducing stress and increasing exercise.

There are many different natural therapies available for treating thrush. The main aim of natural therapy is to ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs to function optimally, thereby boosting your immune system while at the same time removing the products which may contribute to the reactivation of your yeast infection. Natural therapy focuses on making changes to diet and life style and also taking supplements in order to do this.

Probiotics is one example of a supplement which helps maintain a normal balance. Probiotics re-establish the natural bacteria in your body keeping the yeast under control. The benefit of using these natural therapies is that they are:

1) Readily available , cheap and safe to use.

2) Candida do not tend to mutate and become resistant to the natural therapies. The natural therapies can be readily rotated so that resistance does not build up

3) Changes in diet and life style not only help to eliminate recurrent thrush but have the added benefit of making you feel better overall

4) They work to control yeast infections permanently

To find out more about the causes and symptoms of recurrent yeast infections and the benefits of natural therapies it is important to do some research as there are many different remedies available. But it is important to know that many people have found permanent relief from the symptoms of recurrent thrush when they resorted to natural therapies which included both dietary and life-style changes. I am sure if you give it a go it will work for you as well.

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