Get your cancer treated completely by the prostate seed implant technique

One of the processes which are used to treat the cancer patients is called as brachytherapy. It is just another term which is used for the endocurie therapy, internal sealed radiotherapy, curie therapy and many such therapies. In this process, a radiation is placed next to or even inside the area to be treated. It is specially used for the cervical, skin, breast as well as prostate cancer. With the advancement of science and technology, such new methods of treatment of various diseases have been found out. And slowly and steadily as people are beginning to see the advantages of the brachytherapy, more and more men who are suffering from prostate cancer are opting for the radioactive prostate seed implant as a treatment. This is because it has good long term results and there are even no long term side effects. After ten years of research it has been found out that the method of seed implant is indeed an effective treatment of the prostate cancer. A statistical survey shows that around 98% of the patients have been cured by the use of this therapy.

This process of prostate seed implant is completely based on the usage of the radioactive seeds of small sizes, even smaller than the size of the grains of rice. These seeds are actually made up of the element titanium mainly but they also contain small amount of the elements iodine or sodium. After they are placed in or near to the desired location they begin to emit large amount of radiation to the cancer cells that are present in the prostate of the patient but only a small amount of the radiation is emitted to the areas outside the prostate and even to the other areas such as the rectum and bladder. After some months when the process is complete, the seeds become inactive and this is why it is a very safe method of treatment. This process works out properly because the researchers have found that the cells of cancer are more sensitive than the normal to the radiations that are emitted by the seeds and hence by the method of treatment they can be killed selectively without harming the cells that are not affected by the disease.

A prostate seed implant is a procedure which is outpatient and can be completed in about an hour. The whole procedure can be completed by the usage of the only a few thin needles and a little dosage of the general anaesthesia. No kind of stitches of cutting is involved in it. A live picture of the prostate of the patient is also obtained with the help of ultrasound. The urologist carefully places the needle in the perineum followed by the seeds and the process is complete.

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