Brain Surgery In India at Affordable Cost

India has become a medical destination now for all the patients across the globe who comes with a hope to avail quality treatment at bearable cost and truly good hospitals of India are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of treatments for various kinds of orthopedic disorders. Orthopedic surgery in India is provided at hospitals having a qualified,trained and experienced team of doctors of international reputation and research analysts working together to develop advanced treatment approaches and using them for highly effective patient cure and relief. Brain Surgery In India has proved to be a boon for the patients who needs excellent medical facilities under the guidance of some of the best and top ranked orthopedic surgeons and doctors of India. India is now been considered as the best option available undoubtedly.

Brain Surgery :
Brain surgery usually inculcates a procedure namely craniotomy. A craniotomy is a surgery to open the skull. Brain surgery is done for innumerable causes, including alterations in brain tissue, brain blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid.
Why the Procedure is Performed:
Brain surgery may be done if you have:
* Brain tumor
* Bleeding (hemorrhage) in the brain
* Blood clots in the brain
* Weaknesses in blood vessels
* Abnormal blood vessels in the brain
* Damage to tissues covering the brain
* Infections in the brain
* Severe nerve or face pain Skull fracture
* Pressure in the brain after an injury or stroke
* Epilepsy
* Certain brain diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease) that may be helped with an implanted electronic device

Things to remember:
* Conditions that needs brain surgery include brain cancer, stroke and hydrocephalus.
* If left untreated, any condition needing brain surgery can cause further damage to the brain.
* A craniotomy is a surgery to open the skull in order to access the brain for surgical treatment.
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Experienced Asian Flush Reaction?

Have you ever experienced allergic reaction after consuming alcohol? Allergic reactions such as red face, itchy, puffy skin, drowsiness, nausea, running nose, Headache, congestion, shortness of breath, swelling, rapidness of heartbeat, etc. These are the symptoms of Asian flush reaction. These reactions are so annoying and can even proved to be life threatening.

Reason for Asian Flush reaction

Most of the Asian population, due to some genetic nature or hereditary, faces this problem. These symptoms are a regular affair among them and hence this allergy is termed as Asian Flush Reaction or simply Asian Flush. Nearly 50% of the Asian are deficient of an enzyme called Aldehyde Dehydrogenase. This enzyme place a crucial role in breaking down the byproduct, generated after the metabolism of alcohol. That byproduct is called as acetaldehyde which is actually a toxic substance; hence need to be metabolized again. But, in the absence of this in active enzyme, such toxic substance cannot be break down, which ultimately results into such allergic reactions on face and neck in most of the cases.

Later on, researchers have also proved that alcoholic’s who are already suffering from Asian flush reaction, if don’t lessen alcoholic consumption, may fall prey to throat or stomach cancer.

Prevention and cure for Asian Flush Reaction

For a person who doesn’t want to quit alcoholic consumption, some scientific suggestions have been made. As per those scientific suggestions, those alcoholics who are ALDH2 or Aldehyde Dehydrogenase enzyme deficient, can use antacids like Pecid AC, or Zantac, prior to alcoholic beverages consumption. This is an effective solution for some folks, while for others such antacid who take them alone, these antacids may prove to be dangerous by magnifying their reaction to alcohol.

Another prevention method could be with the help of antihistamines. This treatment is done foe less allergic reactions like sore eyes, running nose, rashes, sneezing, etc. While more serious reactions which results into anaphylactic shock or anaphylaxis, can be treated with the help of a pen which contains adrenaline or epinephrine. It is injected in the body, which helps in contraction of blood vessels, increasing the blood pressure from unexpectedly low blood pressure, accelerating the blood flow through vital organs such as heart and brain. It aids in relaxing the airways and helps human body to breathe easily as well as heart beat strongly and faster.


Asian Flush reaction is very common and it can be very dangerous, if avoided. Special care must be taken if you are suffering with such allergic reactions; else you may be caused by esophageal cancer or stomach cancer. Either quit drinking or if that seems to be very difficult to you at least reduce alcoholic consumption. Take antacids prior to alcoholic consumption, if these suit you. Or refer some other preventive method. Take steps to cure your Asian Flush reaction. Prevention and cure method may vary from person to person as various factors such as body weight, sex and type of alcohol consumed varies. So if none of such methods prove to be successful for you, you must immediately consult an expert. As, they will suggest you best medication according to your physical requirements.

New Antibody Mixture Shows Promise to Treat Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer remains one of the most deadly cancers in the U.S., and in recent years researchers are making steady progress against this disease. The development of many new drugs allow people with even the most advanced metastatic disease to live longer, but there is still more efforts needed to treat those patients with therapies, resulting in less side effects.

The problem with traditional chemotherapy is that it can’t be focused. The drugs go through the body, affecting both cancerous cells and healthy cells. Targeted therapies are in need, which are expected to affect the specific mechanisms that allow cancer cells to grow. As a result, they may have fewer side effects.Next, in 2004, came targeted therapies. Avastin (bevacizumab) and Erbitux (cetuximab) are monoclonal antibodies, a new generation of cancer drugs that can specifically target cancer tumors.

Anti-EGFR therapies are the most common treatment against colorectal cancer, and those with advanced colorectal tumors without mutations in the RAS genes will benefit a lot from anti-EGFR therapies. However, as Anti-EGFR therapies become the prior and only option for treatment, advanced colorectal cancer that has become resistant to prior anti-EGFR therapies. “Over the last decade, some of the disease mechanisms driving resistance have been identified, but treatment options available for patients have not improved”, said by Tabernero, researcher from American Association for Cancer Research.

According to Tabernero, Sym004 is a 1:1 mixture in the same infusion bag of two antibodies that bind to different regions of the extracellular domain of EGFR. Like anti-EGFR antibodies cetuximab and panitumumab, Sym004 antibodies block EGFR. But the double-targeting ability of EGFR by Sym004 will cause superior EGFR internalization and degradation, which is very likely to provide better outcomes than cetuximab or panitumumab.

Tabernero’ research involved 62 patients to participate in a phase I study. Among them, 20 patients with advanced solid epithelial tumors were enrolled to the dose-escalation phase of the study and received different doses of Sym004 weekly. Other 42 patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, previously treated with anti-EGFR antibodies with brief responses, were enrolled to the dose-expansion phase of the trial.

Result showed that of the patients in the dose-expansion cohort, five had a partial response, and overall, 17 had some degree of tumor shrinkage during treatment with Sym004. The overall disease-control rate, which includes partial responses and stable disease, was 67 percent.

The toxicity profile was consistent with the experience from FDA-approved anti-EGFR antibodies and was controlled with supportive care, dose delays, and reductions, according to Tabernero.

About Anti-EGFR Therapies
Anti-EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) therapies, including tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) and monoclonal antibodies, demonstrate activity in a variety of tumor types. While both inhibit the EGFR pathway, they act via different mechanisms. Monoclonal antibodies bind to the extracellular domain of EGFR, preventing ligand binding and interrupting the signaling cascade. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors bind to the intracellular domain of EGFR and inhibit the downstream effects of EGFR ligand binding. Both categories of agents have been evaluated in a variety of clinical settings and tumor types, including colorectal cancer, non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN). Phase II/III trials in patients with previously treated or untreated metastatic colorectal cancer, including those with documented refractory disease, demonstrate activity of the monoclonal antibody cetuximab (Erbitux) as a single agent or in combination with both irinotecan (Camptosar)- and oxaliplatin (Eloxatin)-based chemotherapy.

Warning Signs Of Genital Warts

Genitals warts are one of those things that you simply do not speak of in public and likely don’t even think about unless your doctor brings up the subject. Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which just happens to be closely linked as the cause of many cases of cervical cancer as well as other types of cancer in the genitals. This virus is transmitted sexually so you have to have had direct sexual contact with someone infected and not everyone shows signs of genital warts.

It is so important to trade sexual histories with potential partners so as to avoid contracting any sexually transmitted disease (STD) like genital warts. In addition, protective sex with a condom is also paramount in avoiding the HPV virus. However, not everyone knows they have these warts and could inadvertently pass along the infection to you, so you should know the signs of genital warts in case they ever happen to you.

Typically, it could take as long as a month for signs of genital warts to appear after being exposed to HPV, although sometimes it may take much longer. Most genital warts are not painful, but they can produce an itchy sensation, especially when clothing rubs on them. Just like warts on a finger or toe, these genital warts could have a rough texture and cauliflower-like appearance. In addition, some warts have been completely flat while others may be almost invisible, only detectable by a doctor.

For men, signs of genital warts may occur in various places in the genital area such as the penis, urethra and rectum. In actuality, these warts could be inside the urethra or even underneath the foreskin of the penis. In females, signs of genital warts may appear near the rectum, near the urethra, inside the vagina or even on the lips of the vulva. In both men and women, other signs of genital warts include discolored swelling at the wart sites and even painful intercourse with or without abnormal bleeding. The invisible warts may cause general itching which you may not attribute to genital warts because they may either look like an innocuous bump or just a small rough patch of skin. Therefore, only a doctor can truly determine whether or not you have the warts by conducting a skin test.

There are a number of both surgical and topical treatments for genital warts and while these won’t totally eradicate the virus that causes them, you can find some relief. You and your doctor together can determine the best course of treatment based on the signs of genital warts that you exhibit.

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New Hopes in Prostate Cancer Treatment Using Robotics

The approval of robotics in surgical treatment of pelvic and abdominal surgeries by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has renewed the hopes in the treatment of cancer. Today, as many as 4 out of every 5 prostatectomy in America is carried out using the Da Vinci Surgical System. Robotics has also been on the rise for treating every other kind of cancer in gynecological, neck, head, kidney, bladder and even heart conditions. Seeing the success rate with robotics, more than 1,000 specialty hospitals in the United States are offering Da Vinci procedures.

As complicated as cancer can be, it was a huge reason for the success of robotics in surgeries providing new knowledge in the understanding genetics. Scientists have now a better grip over how prostate cancer develops and thus have been able to come up with designs that target the roots. These tests also go on to identifying and segregating patients who would do better with chemoprevention, screening and intrusive surgeries. As we understand today, the main causes for the development of prostate cancer emanate from chromosomes inherited from parents. While this does make the treatment more complicated, a high volume of success has been attained through robotics.

Based on feedback form the scientific faculty, there’s reason to believe that modern robotic surgeries for conditions like prostrate and kidney cancer is similar to the traditional laparoscopy but superior when it comes to damage (blood loss) and the length of treatment and the patient’s stay in the hospital. The recovery period with robotic treatment is also shorted than compared to open surgical procedures of the past. Between 2005 and 2008, here was a huge spike in the use of prostatectomy and robotics in surgery. It is also being called as the “first true years of the robotics era” for this reason. Numbers show that more than 58,000 robotics procedures were done in 2008 while it was merely a 9,000 in 2004. Today, the numbers are even bigger and the common mass has also come to understand and demand for the treatment.

However, it is necessary to understand that robotics is not the answer for every kind of cancer patient. Depending upon the severity (PSA level mostly) of the spread and the feasibility of the procedures, doctors still advise traditional prescriptions. Also, along with new age technology, patients are expected to make drastic lifestyle and nutritional changes.

It feels good to conclude that cancer is no more among the most feared conditions today and there are new lines of hopes. People have recovered and so can you, your family and friends.

Choices That You Can Conduct Whenever You Have Actos Bladder Cancer

There are lots of patients who have diabetes 2 and are using Actos as treatment for a prolonged period and had been diagnosed with Actos bladder cancer might have legal recourse. Patients that have been taking the drug for more than a year may encounter an increased risk of developing bladder cancer most particular those which have been taking the drug in greater dosages and those that have taken it for longer periods. Manufacturers of the drug failed to warn patients properly on the possible risks of bladder cancer. Because of this, users of the drug might file a claim to look for compensation for medical bills as well as other damages.

Because of the associated dangers of bladder cancer and Actos, the FDA advocated that the medicine must not be prescribed to patients with Actos bladder cancer and must be used with caution in patients that have history of the illness. Furthermore, FDA advised patients also to be alert of the signs that can be possible indication Actos bladder cancer such as back or lower abdominal pain, blood in urine and discomfort during urination.

Because of the possible link of Actos to bladder cancer, the agency announced also that the risk will be reflected in the label of the drug as well as medication guide of the patient.

Users of Actos who have been figured out with bladder cancer can take legal action if the manufacturer is not able to warn patients and doctors regarding the possible dangers of Actos bladder cancer. You could contact your lawyer in order for you to find out if you can file an Actos lawsuit and get compensated for whatever damage it has caused you. Make sure you choose a lawyer who has enough experience in terms of this kind of lawsuit since they can help you the most.

About Cancer and ayurvedic treatment for cancer

In the 21st century cancer is a destructive disease characterized by out of control cell growth. More than 100 types of cancer have discovered in the medical science & each of them has
Classified by the type of cell which is initially damaged. There is no single treatment of cancer. The patients have to receive a group of therapies such as:
Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone therapy or Gene therapy. Ayurvedic treatment is an ancient treatment originated in India. Ayurvedic treatment has gifted us a remarkable result in cancer treatment.

AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR CANCER: Indian’s spiritual system of curing Ayurveda; originated by the Lord Dhanvantari, has been practicing for thousands of years,which emphasizes on the unity of mind & body. Ayurvedic treatment for cancer has a great approach in cancer treatment. Its main goal is to find the ultimate cause of an illness. The therapeutic approach of Ayurveda is divided into four categories. They are prakritisthapani Chikista(health aintainance), Rasayana Chikista(restoration of normal function),Roganashani Chikista (disease cure) &Naisthiki Chikista(spiritual approach).
Ayurvedic treatment for cancer can act as an adjuvant or a co-therapy along with chemotherapy or Radiotherapy which is also helpful in post surgery care. Ayurvedic tretment for cancer help to reduce the progress of cancer in cases where chemotherapy & Radiotherapy is contra-indicated due to some reasons &patients have no other choice. Ayurvedic treatment in cancer has a great success as some of the preparations cam fight against tumours.DS Research centre is one of the best leading Ayurvedic treatment in India which provides the best Ayurvedic treatment for cancer.

ABOUT CANCER: What we can say all about cancer, is that it is the most deadly disease in the 21st century. Some type of cancer grow very fast while other take a long time to become more dangerous. Cancer can occur at anywhere in a body. Now we have to know about cancer that what are types of cancer have discovered in the medical science. They are Anal cancer, Bladder Cancer,
Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer Colon Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Esophageal Cancer,
Gallbladder cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Lung Canecr, Lymphoma etc. We must be aware about cancer that cancer cells continues to grow unless one of the four things occurs:1.The cancerous mass is removed by the surgeon,2.chemotherapy or another type of cancer therapy medications, such as hormonal therapy is given to a cancer patient,
3.A cancer patient receives Radiation therapy & 4.Cancer cells shrink & disappear on their own. About cancer the DS Research centre is doing a great job through the help of Ayurveda.

The Health Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

Are you often constipated? Those moments of struggling and prolonged discomfort can zap you of your energy and it is extremely frustrating when all your efforts do not give you relief. A colon cleanse may be just what you need. Flushing out the waste matter build up on the colon wall is one of the important health benefits of a colon cleanse. The colon is the last part of the digestive system. It is where the waste is processed before elimination. It is also the place where the body absorbs nutrients and water from the waste. Lack of fiber in the diet makes it hard to push the waste through the colon and when this happens too much water is absorbed. The result is constipation.

Before you decide that a colon cleanse is the answer to your constipation problem, you should first determine if you truly are constipated. A lot of folks think that if they are unable to have a daily bowel movement, they are suffering from constipation. Everyone is different and there is no set rule for waste elimination.. As long as you do it at least two times a week, you are not constipated.

Easing Digestive Conditions

Too much junk food, binge eating and excessive drinking cause gas and bloating. If you often experience these uncomfortable digestive symptoms, a colon cleanse would help improve your condition. Apart from alleviating constipation, a flushed out colon also promotes good digestive health.

Maintaining Good Health, Resisting Colon Cancer

More and more of us are being afflicted with colon cancer because of the increasing amount of junk food we consume. Many among us do not eat enough fiber rich food which is natures so-called broom because of how it cleans out the colon. You would not have to suffer the discomfort of using a colon cleanse if you increase your daily intake of fiber. It will do the job just as well and in a healthier, natural way.

Cancer prevention is perhaps the greatest health benefit we can get from a colon cleanse. A diet rich in fiber and raw fruits and vegetables with only a healthy dose of sugar and fatty foods, will help you keep your colon in good condition. A good transition step from your old diet to the new one would be a colon cleanse. Flushing out the waste matter that has accumulated from years of unhealthy eating would prepare your body to experience the full health benefits of a clean colon and at the same time strengthen your resistance to colon cancer.

Overcome with Obesity Problem

Our daily lifestyle often exposes us to unhealthy food habits, stress, sleeping disorders and lack of proper physical exercise. They found that obesity increases the risk of depression in initially non-depressed individuals by a massive 55 percent.

If you’ve been a dieter, you’ve been taught to accept that going on a diet and depriving yourself of the foods you love is the only solution to your problem. Obesity increases one’s risk of developing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease and cancer of the breast, prostate and colon.

In order to lose weight quickly and safely the are other factors involved besides exercise. There are often inner issues that need to be addressed that causes obesity or weight gain. But there is another place where ‘apple’ shaped people also gain more fat, and that is actually within your body and builds up around your organs.

This is particularly problematic among those aged six to eleven, where the incidence of obesity has tripled. Those included gallbladder disease, coronary heart disease, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and type-two diabetes.

These are very serious issues and you should consult with a therapist or psychiatrist before taking any further action. In order for you to break that distorted dynamic and get back in the driver’s seat, you have to start leveling the playing field and learning to feel safe around food, all foods.

Obesity is behind over 9000 premature deaths only in UK every year. A number of factors can cause obesity such as heredity, sedentary life style, food habits, physical inactivity etc. One final point we want to make is having surgery to lose weight is just the beginning. You must still have the will power to eat properly and exercise on regular basis.

General risks overall are respiratory complications, infection, blood clots, bowel obstructions and leakage of the intestine .Team Beachbody training systems are currently enjoying a great deal of popularity with customers.

The discovery of leptin was a major breakthrough in that it demonstrated that fat cells did more than just store excess energy. These services include gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding and lap-band surgery to name a few.

Most importantly, avoid foods that are no good for you, for example, processed foods, fried foods and quick fix foods that contain ingredients that have no nutritional value at all.Before putting into practice any exercise or nutrition tips or plans you should always consult the relevant qualified medical practitioner.

There are many tools that exist to help us understand why and we need to study them carefully and use the knowledge to help others. Concentrate on areas that need more help. Think of other methods on how you can achieve your goal and share it with others if it did a excellent job on you.

We need to identify which of the causes of obesity applies to us by seeking professional health advice in order to fight obesity and live a healthy lifestyle. Obesity health risks can be cut by following a sensible eating and exercise plan.

Increase in Mind Cancer Treatment in UK

The additional or metastatic tumor is determined as a tumor which has been distributing distantly from the unique or Primary cancer website, through the blood veins flow, the lymphatic system or backbone liquid. This can include either only one sore (Metastasis) or several tumours (Metastases). Metastases can theoretically distribute to Brain Cancer Treatment any point in one’s body system, but for the reasons of Gamma Blade, only brain metastases are appropriate for treatment.

The therapies for mind cancer in the UK will accept a big advancement after the London, UK medical center took the distribution of the country’s latest Gamma Blade technological innovation.

The Nationwide Hospital towards Neurology plus Neurosurgery (NHNN) is the 6th center in the country to vary the devices which will focus mainly on dealing with sufferers for brain metastases – tumours that create in the mind from malignancies elsewhere in one’s body system. Compare with conventional surgery treatment, Gamma Blade techniques do not actually include the applicant of a knife or knife and the head never has to be started out up. It works by focusing on only one number of rays accurately on the tumor and this reduces, damage to Brain Cancer Treatment around healthy cells.

Although the radiosurgery technological innovation cannot treat cancer tumours in the mind, it can often extend lifestyle and enhance the total well being sufferers. In those with risky, but non-cancerous malignancies near veins plus glands, it can be a living savior.

The efficiency of Gamma Blade radiosurgery for brain metastases is approved across the world and physicians at the NHNN will be capable to Brain Cancer Treatment add to the proof when the devices become functional towards the end of 2012. All sufferers who concern NHNN with head metastases will be registered in scientific tests.

Neil Kitchen, an advisor neurosurgeon at the NHNN, said: Typically, most UK sufferers get surgery treatment or whole brain radiotherapy, which – while they can be efficient therapies – are rather obtrusive and have some risk of adverse reactions. Radiosurgery has demonstrated to be a soothing and efficient option to standard therapies for brain metastases, which can extend and enhance sufferers total well being.

During the Gamma Blade process, sufferers have their go properly secured in a structure. Tests are taken to set up the location of the tumor, before supports of gamma rays are focused on the website. The choices are capable to work over the growth with no damage the nearby cells. Patients restore much quicker because the function does not include open surgery treatment.

As well as being used towards tumours in the go to the throat, the strategy is also able to correct problems in the veins that can cause convulsions and complications. It can be accustomed treat different types of brain tumor and other serious intracranial circumstances, such as epilepsy and trigeminal neuralgia.