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1. Why worldwide business network (

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3. What are the conditions to access

4. What are rates?

5. What are the accepted methods of payment?

6. What SKYFACE GROUP proposes better than its competitors?

7. Which companies are accepted by SKYFACE GROUP?

8. How to respond to an ad?

9. Which ads are accepted by SKYFACE GROUP?

10. How to write correctly an ad?

11. What is the ad submission procedure?

12. Why my ad is not displayed?

13. What should I do if I am scam or fraud victim?

14. What should I do if having connection difficulties or loss of password?

15. Who is middleman?

16. How a middleman receives his 10% of the contracts brought?


1. Why worldwide business network (

The worldwide economic space is relatively unstructured. The failure of worldwide economic space structure does not make easy business promotion at worldwide level. Each company has its own website at best, but to access this site, buyers are supposed to know website address before or after long search on internet. This limits companies’ visibility worldwide. Websites are created pell-mell. Thus, there are no such organized or gathered sellers and purchasers all over the world by continent, region and country to facilitate business. Skyfaceone.comis a worldwide platform that facilitates contacts between buyers and sellers to help them do their business freely. The role of then ends at the contact between buyers and sellers in a worldwide marketplace. is a worldwide store where registered members can exhibit in its showcases their products and articles as in a physical market.


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The services offered by SKYFACE are as follows: • Elaboration and updating of personalized business directory with reliable information for sellers and buyers who have expressed their real intentions to purchase goods. • Displaying of an ad system for buyers and sellers, to allow members to post their needs online or explore new products throughout the world. This system which presents the ads by category, by country, by region and even by continent help communicates across the planet with few clicks. • Displaying an intelligent research engine which introduces to you all the companies and potential buyers announced by sector, by country, by region and by continent throughout the world to meet your expectations as a real “physical” dynamic market where perpetually sellers and buyers meet across the world. This worldwide market is an actual dynamic marketing platform that allows sellers more easily to make themselves known around the world as well with the usual internet business websites, but also to easily seize opportunities to sell their goods. Similarly, buyers can also easily publish their ads by category, by country, by region and by continent, which will be accessible to all sellers to present their offers around the world. The buyer will have the opportunity to choose the best deal that suits him.


3. What are the conditions to access

Simply, you must own or represent a business or have real intentions to purchase goods in order to register on Once registered, you are part of SKYFACE business community, and then you get many services that allow you to find new partners, customers or vendors of goods and commercial services through our worldwide business network. According to the law on informatics and liberties and SKYFACE GROUP confidentiality policy, you can rectify yourself or delete your information through Advertiser Space.


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Given all the advantages to be derived from this worldwide market compared to advertising costs often engulfed by companies unable to reach any customer at planetary, we can easily say that the price of the wonderful service proposed by SKYFACE GROUP is “null”. However, we invite you to visit the profiles of our tariffs (in three currencies: Dollar, Euro and FCFA) for services on You will easily understand that advertising through network is particularly the only minor source of investment in business.


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Payment for our services can be made online by credit card or bank transfer. In the case of an online payment by credit card, please note that we only accept payments with GIM UEMOA CARDS, VISA CARD and MASTER CARD. We assure you that your credit card number is only sent to our bank concerned. It will not be known for our services and the displaying of your ad will be operative only when we will receive the proof of payment confirmed by our bank. In case of refusal or failure, the business transaction is automatically canceled. In the case of a payment mode other than credit card (e.g. bank transfer), your ad will not be displayed before reception. Attention, in case you went through a middleman to send your ad, we inform you that it is imperative to send the full name and contact information of the middleman when sending the payment proof of your ad displaying on


6. What SKYFACE proposes better than its competitors?

Some competitors offer almost similar services but as at now you will see few business network so visited as ours that presents a platform for bargaining between sellers and purchasers with so huge diversity of offers as well as scarce added-value in terms of structuration, organization of business market, diversity of products, sellers, purchasers, with good functionality and ergonomics where sellers and buyers could dynamically meet for business. In addition, you need just to pay once a relatively small amount when you deposit your ad to receive services and benefits from your ad publishing on throughout the subscription period regardless of the number of your ad visitors. You do not need to pay by Cost Per Click (CPC). In addition, as network member, you are allowed to consult all bids around the world published on our business network to offer your price and seize sales opportunities throughout the planet. You can also benefit from capacity building training on a variety of themes to increase your sales. You can also find on daily main raw materials prices, as well as global economic, financial business trends and stock exchange.


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The companies accepted are regularly created or a legal middle man. It is forbidden to write phone number or Email in the ad box. This important information should be provided on the advertisement deposit slip but not in the space called “Ad” on the ad deposit slip. This is to prevent hackers to suck the information to spam robots. By following this rule you protect SKYFACE not to become a target for spammers and a haven for scammers. Your address (Continent, Country, City, District, Street, and Building) must be accurate and actual. It must be specific enough so that one can quickly get in touch with you during a visit or send a letter to you. A post office box is not necessarily reassuring, if you do not have a choice, though specify that it is a PO Box with the acronym “BP” or PO Box. Correctly fill in the advertisement deposit form since it will be used for automatic information management on


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Any sale enterprise registered on becomes a member of community. In this respect, it posts its sale ad that is visible and accessible to all users on a planet level. It can be contacted by anyone to deal. It is the same for anyone who has an intention to purchase products or goods. The only difference is that this one can only be contacted by members registered to offer their sales offers based on purchasing ads. There is no other way of contacting companies and buyers registered on this website. You can send a message via the internal SKYFACE GROUP messaging, not by direct Email. This operation guarantees several things, first the confidentiality of sensitive information about your company or yourself. The personal information to contact potential buyers announced are reserved for website members only for transparency and traceability of exchanges on the website in case of attempted fraud or dispute. We hope that you will understand the importance of this approach to avoid turning into a network of scammers.


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A well-written ad must be as accurate and short as possible. It is necessary to avoid putting many products in the same ad. Be careful, good ad must specify all technical characteristics, commercial, geographical, financial details and the contacts and places to visit goods offered for sale or to be purchased. It is important when sending the ad, to specify sectors, countries and continents in which it must be posted to facilitate visibility and allow buyers to quickly contact you.


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The Ad submission procedure on is divided into only three (3) successive steps described below: 1. Click on the “Add an Ad” if you are new comer on to create an account free of charge or on “Advertiser Space” if you are already member of the global business network or the global business directory 2. Fill on-line in the Ads deposit slip. 3. Fill in the ad deposit slip that suits you online. 3. Proceed to payment by your credit card (GIM-UEMOA, VISA or MasterCard), or if necessary by bank transfer by clicking on PAY NOW. In the case of payment by bank transfer, please print account data to avoid mistakes. If you choose bank transfer as payment mean, then send the payment proof (code or transfer number, your User name, date and time, amount paid, sender’s name, sending continent and country, etc…) via the Email address registered when sending your ad. Your User name and your Password will allow you to contact purchasing advertisers on Whatever the payment mean chosen, if you have gone through a middleman to deposit your ad, send by your registered Email address your Ad number, your User name, the name and contact information of the middleman when paying by credit card or when e-mailing proof of payment for those who choose to pay by bank transfer.


12. Why my ad is not displayed?

Only reasons could explain why your Ad is not displayed. Either, your bank transaction failed or you don’t yet sent bank transfer proof to our accounting department. Otherwise, Ads displaying is automatic.


13. What should I do if I am scam or fraud victim?

If you are victim of scam or fraud, please let us know if you wish. To do this, log in and contact us for any problematic ad. Our team will review the situation in order to contribute to solve the problem.


14. What should I do if having connection difficulties or loss of password?

If you have difficulties to connect, check if you have not made a mistake in your password or if you have not forgotten your password. You can view your password in the Email you have received and resume. You can also be sent your password through the Email address you used when registering.


15. Who is middleman?

Is called middleman, any SKYFACE Agent or anyone wherever he is in the world who has successfully negotiated Ad displaying contract for SKYFACE with an announcer.


16. How a middleman receives his 10% of the contracts brought?

 To be eligible to receive 10% of the contracts brought, any advertiser contacted by a middleman must answer the question relative to the middleman on the tariff slip and send the middleman full name and contact information when sending his Ad displaying payment proof. The middleman is contacted within five working days from reception of his contact information to specify by what means he would receive his money. However, it is important to note that the shipping expenses are the responsibility of the middleman and are directly deducted from the money before sending.

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Moving News Story

Filed under Politics on Thursday January 11, 2007 at 11:12 am

This morning I was driving in to work and listening to NPR. I wanted to hear reports on the President’s speech. Did you know 9 people have been killed in New Orleans since the first of the year?  That’s almost one a day. The Police don’t have phone lines yet. It’s very sad.

A film maker named Helen Hill was killed by an intruder. I didn’t know her, but one of her friends wrote a very moving commentary on her death and that city. As I listened, I started to cry in my car. Here’s the link:



Filed under Travel, Politics on Thursday August 31, 2006 at 4:49 pm

Last night I watched the Anthony Bourdain travel show in which he went to Beirut. It’s very interesting. As the Israeli bombing starts, he and his team move to a luxury hotel with other travelers trying to leave the country. They are there for 8 days and they have no idea how they are going to get home.

It hit home with me. Tim and I were stranded in New York over 9/11. I was there for work and Tim joined me for several days. I know you hear it from everyone who talks about that day, but it was absolutely gorgeous! I was interviewing applicants. And before I went in, someone told me that a small plane hit the world trade center. By the time I got out of the interview, the news was reporting a terrorist attack. Our office was in the penthouse of a building that had a view of the towers so I watched the second plane hit and the first tower fall. A lady I worked with had a brother who worked for the port authority. He went in with the first wave of fireman and perished. I found the NY Times article written about him last week when I was cleaning his file cabinet.

We were stranded for several days. I remember calling my brother at 7am pacific time to tell him and my parents what was going on. He was so asleep! I mentioned the attack and he said – that’s nice – where did you eat. I called my friends Judy and ML. She was asleep too, but she must have whispered something to ML because I remember hearing him in the background with the television on. A lot of things happened over the next couple of days. Imagine Manhattan shut down – no traffic. Imagine endless army tanks going up 5th Avenue to remove the debris. And the constant threats – Grand Central was shut for while. Penn Station too. It was unnerving. One of the worst things was wondering how we would get home.

We were watching Anthony Bourdain last night and we started to recount the steps we took during that time. It was surreal. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we have a government who chose to wreak havoc on our country through an atrocious war. It’s amazing.

Since I usually don’t do the “heavy” post thing, I’ll end with one funny story. Tim actually tried to leave NY by plane and after a scary interlude with a swat team (another post), he took a taxi back to me in NY. I called our travel agent and she got us a car for the next day, but we had to go to Connecticut to get it. We eventually drove to Chicago and took a plane out of Midway. (That’s the last time I set foot in a McDonald’s by the way – we had no choice). So, we pack up our stuff and I had a timer that I use for applicant testing. We went to Grand Central and got on the metro train. I forgot to take the battery out of the timer. It started beeping on the train. I got to it fast, but could you imagine shutting down Grand Central with an egg timer?

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Happy 4th of July

Filed under Politics on Tuesday July 4, 2006 at 9:41 pm

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. We laid low. We decided to celebrate our 4th by seeing Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. What a great film! Everyone should see this movie. This issue goes across party lines and it’s important that we all start making changes. The facts are compelling!


Political Debate

Filed under Politics on Wednesday June 7, 2006 at 7:15 pm

Check out this great editorial by Lou Dobbs: CNN Article.

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01 43         COL. CENTRO C.P. 34000               DURANGO, DURANGO         25 DEPORTES EL COSACO   AV. 20 DE
NOVIEMBRE NO. 214 PONIENTE 01 618 812 03
57         COL. CENTRO C.P.34000               DURANGO, DURANGO                                     ESTADO DE
MEXICO                         26 DIST. DE
BICICLETAS BENOTO ABASOLO NO. 25     01 599 998 08
72         CENTRO
C.P. 55660             ATIZAPAN, EDO. DE MEXICO       27 ALCAMPO
35   S.A. DE C.V.     COL. CENTRO C.P. 50450               ATLACOMULCO, EDO. DE MEXICO       28 LA CASA DEL
22 00         COL. CENTRO C.P.96600   01 55 59 77
50 32         CHALCO, EDO. DE MEXICO       29 CARTUCHOS
33   EL CABRITO   COL.SALTILLO C.P.54680   CEL. 045 55
54 04 47 45         HUEHUETOCA, EDO. DE MEXICO       30 LA CAMPESINA   IGNACIO RAYON NO. 206 NORTE   01 722 214 66
57         COL.CENTRO C.P.50000               TOLUCA, EDO. DE MEXICO       31 DEPORTES LA MORGUE   AV.JUAREZ NO. 125     01 722 215 85
52         COL. CENTRO C.P. 50000               TOLUCA, EDO. DE MEXICO       32 TLAPALERIA Y
27   EL IMAN     COL.CENTRO C.P. 52400               TENANCINGO, EDO. DEMEXICO       33 DEPORTES GONZALEZ   CARLOS ESTRADA NO. 211   01 714 142 07
76         COL. CENTRO
C.P. 52400             TENANCINGO, EDO. DE MEXICO       34 FERRETERIA
LOS PORTALES 5 DE MAYO NO. 200     01 714 142 65
65         COL. CENTRO
C.P. 52400             TENANCINGO, EDO. DE MEXICO       35 DEPORTES
TEXCOCO AV. COLON NO.201 B.C.     01 595 954 81
56     COL. CENTRO C.P. 56100               TEXCOCO, EDO. DE MEXICO       36 ALCAMPO DE
81     COL. CENTRO C.P. 52400               TEJUPILCO, EDO. DE MEXICO       37 ALCAMPO DE TOLUCA   16 DE SEPTIEMBRE NO. 204-G   01 722 214 45
18         COL. CENTRO
C.P. 50000 01 722 213 51

Payment card industry data security standard

A new poll conducted by the National Retail Federation and First Data Corporation revealed startling information about how small and mid-sized retailers store payment card information. Of the 651 total merchants who completed the survey, only 66% were even aware of the PCI DSS. Even worse, only 58% knew that retailers who accept credit cards must conduct a PCI DSS self-assessment annually.

In the case of a data breach involving payment card information, credit card companies are authorized to levy fines to retailers for each card that must be canceled. According to another study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach for a retailer is $6.7 million. Smaller retailers, like the ones in the PCI DSS poll, could face potentially crippling fines of tens of thousands of dollars.

If you do not comply with the PCI standards there are no punishments other than a higher risk of a data breach. However, securing your customers’ payment card information is very important in the Massachusetts data security regulations. Under MGL 93H and 201 CMR 17, the state of Massachusetts has the authority to levy fines of up to $5000 per MA resident in data breaches. Part of complying with the Massachusetts data protection laws is protecting payment card information. With increasing rates of online purchases, retailers of all sizes are becoming targets for their credit card information. With the potential for your business to go bankrupt or, at the least, the potential to lose your customers’ trust, there’s no reason not to protect payment card information.